Superstar Fine Glitter

Superstar Fine Glitter are a real addition to your make-up kit. You can add sparkling accents in a quick and easy way. The glitter is suitable for skin, nails and hair, ideal for making Glitter Tattoos or Nail Art. Not suitable for use around the eyes. Apply the Superstar Fine Glitter to still wet make-up or by first applying Glitter Gel or Body Glue with a clean brush or a disposable applicator to the skin. 

The Superstar Fine Glitter contains fine polyester glitter of cosmetic quality available in metallic, crystalline, laser and UV.
Available in more than 65 different beautiful colours and comes in a little 5 ml. jar or a 90 ml. six-pack.

Crystalline Glitter 
is a special Glitter with crystalline formed Glitters in it. This makes the Glitters sparkle even more than the ordinary Glitters. However, because the Glitters are so fine, the Glitter Tattoo stays on the skin for less time. But the awesome effect that these Glitters have when they are incorporated into your tattoo makes it more than worth it. 

Laser Glitter
is a special Glitter which, in addition to the indicated color, also contains Glitters with all kinds of other colors like to the view when you look at a disco ball, for example. When the light shines on this Glitter Tattoo you get a very sparkling effect.

UV Glitter

is a special Glitter which will give a brilliant glowing effect under blacklight. Compared to the basic Glitters, the tattoos with UV colors stay on the skin for less time.

MICA Glitter
is a beautiful fine Glitter which is very soft.