Fluorescent Fine Glitter Mix Sixpack

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The Fluorescent Glitter Mix 6-pack is a real must have for your make-up kit. You can add sparkling accents in a quick and easy way. The glitter is suitable for both skin and hair. Ideal for making glitter tattoos. 

The Superstar Fine Glitter Mix contains fine polyester glitter of cosmetic quality.

Colours: Fluorescent Purple, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Pink.

Product Information

Due to the fine structure Superstar Fine Glitter is Ideal for making glitter tattoos. 

Size or Dimensions

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6 Pack 90ml. 

Product Details

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The Superstar Fine Glitter contains fine polyester glitter of cosmetic quality available in metallic, crystaline, laser and UV.
Available in more than 65 different beautiful colours

Special Instructions

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Not suitable for use around the eyes. Apply the Superstar Fine Glitter to still wet make-up or by first applying Glitter Gel or Body Glue with a clean brush or a disposable applicator to the skin.